Lena Chen

is a reluctant sexpert, a feminist and queer advocate, and a walking case study on bad publicity. As a Harvard undergrad, she authored the blog Sex and the Ivy about her college sexcapades and misadventures. Her reputation has never quite recovered. Want to give her a book deal, send her hate mail, or misquote her in an article? Read her daily musings at The Ch!cktionary and check out her full bio.


Ongoing Projects


A chronicle of Lena’s daily life and likes, as well as all things feminist, queer, or otherwise radical. This is where Lena blogs daily and answers reader questions.


gURL.com, Alloy Digital’s award-winning alternative web portal for tween and teen girls, relaunched its Health, Sex, & Relationships blog in Fall 2010 with Lena as their head blogger. She gave gURLs the hook on hooking up via a combination of blog posts, videos, and advice columns. "Sexy Times", a new web series on dating and sexual health, debuted in March 2012 with Lena dishing out advice each Friday to everyday gURLs.